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Officers & Directors


President - Hugh Tomlinson
Treasurer - Kendra Adams
Secretary - Lorraine Head
Secretary - Emeritus Dale Doss
Immediate Past President - Ken Franklin

Committee Chairs

Membership - Jennifer Womble
Sponsorships - Johnny Devine
Speakers - Patrick Barineau and Hugh Tomlinson
Hospitality and Events - Cindy Seitel and Kendra Adams
High School Awards - Phillip Browning
Media and Communications - Jon Jopling

Board of Directors

Kendra Adams
Patrick Barineau
Sham Birbahadur
Phillip Browning
Christopher Campbell
Dan Campbell
Bill Chandler
Johnny Devine
Ken Franklin
Lorraine Head
Reggie Jahn
Jon Jopling
Tommy Leathers
Robert Quinn
Chad Sanders
Cindy Seitel
William Tetsworth
Hugh Tomlinson
Jay Townley
Michelle Wilson
Jennifer Womble
|Donny Young

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List of Past Presidents